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Our Seller’s Transaction Process

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Selling Real Estate

When selling property much of the work is done up front to ensure we are putting our best foot forward right at the outset. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of what to expect as we get your home market-ready. We are there with you the whole way through to ensure you smoothly sell your property in the amount of time you desire for the best price possible.

Step one –we need to see the place! This is a way for us to familiarize ourselves with your home and for you to show off what you’ve done to the place. Any issues you are having? We will take it all in, take notes, and use this meeting as a starting point to understand what your goals are and start formulating a plan forward.

After seeing the home we will go to the drawing board to create an overall strategy and workup a pricing opinion. Pricing isn’t everything but it’s huge. We need to make sure we are maximizing dollars but not over-pricing; buyers are very price-sensitive so if we miss the mark by just a small amount we will get no showings. It’s a fine line and this is where our market experience pays off.

Once we have a game plan for price and timing we will need to make sure the home shows in the best way possible. Most often we work with what you have already in place –sometimes we need to de-clutter and de-personalize in order to show off your space. If the space needs a little more help we have professional stagers we can bring in to design the perfect furniture layout.
Are there any odd jobs that we need to take care of? We have handymen, contractors, and painters that can come tackle projects so the home is in tip-top shape.
If your property is in a homeowner’s association, we will also need to gather up the association documents. Budget, by-laws, rules, etc. Anything here we need to be aware of in terms of upcoming special assessments, past work, or rules.


Photography is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. When buyers search online and a property meets their criteria this is the first thing they look at. We have excellent photographers that we have worked with for years. We always do top quality images so windows are not washed out with natural light and you can see the view out of the window. Images are not distorted with strange lenses. And we take as many photos as needed to ensure every aspect of the home is showcased.

For some listings we bring in videographers and drone video to showcase your home in a high quality manner. We also have access to virtual walkthroughs with 360 degree cameras so users can click through and look around the space virtually.


Between our own marketing efforts and Compass’s system the list of services we employ to get our job done is endless.


We attend all our showings, open houses, broker open houses, and inspections to ensure your property is presented as best as possible.


Our vast network of brokers and clients will be the first to see the listing. Social media, e-blasts, and direct phone calls and conversations help to get your listing in front of everyone else in the real estate “trenches” right now.


We syndicate all listing data and all high-res photos to all the appropriate “third-party” listings sites (e.g. Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc.).


We use Adwerx to geo-target individuals to display our listing to those that are likely to be interested in your property. Simply put, if someone is geographically near your property and browsing websites our listing will show up as a banner or side bar ad and follow them around to sites like ESPN, Forbes, MSN, and more.


Once we get an offer finalized and go under contract we begin to work through any contract contingencies. The buyers will do their inspection, we will negotiate any repairs/credits (if applicable), and buyers will do their review of the homeowner’s association. Our team attends the appraisal and any other appointments to make sure we are meeting deadlines and get to closing smoothly.


Sellers don’t need to attend closing as you will pre-sign and/or will have a power-of-attorney in place so your attorney can close on your behalf. On closing day, all you’ll need to do is sit back and wait for your funds to arrive!

After closing we are here for any advice you may need. We’ll make sure you have the documentation you need for tax time and stand ready for any and all questions or future real estate endeavors.


Seller's Guide

Additionally, please click here to download our home marketing timeline and The Gaffney Group’s Black Book - our end-to-end marketing system and tools proven to maximize price and minimize market time.


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