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Our Buyer’s Transaction Process

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Buying Real Estate

The home buying process can seem overwhelming at first but that’s what we’re here for. Simplifying the process through experienced guidance is our M.O. We have the know-how to get you from A to B and bring in the best inspectors, lenders, and attorneys to ensure you are protected and getting the best deal possible. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of what to expect. We are there with you the whole way through to ensure you smoothly reach your homeownership goals.

So you want to make a move but don’t know where to start. In our initial consultation we discuss your goals, timelines, and how to most efficiently get from A to B. Whether it’s a move-up sell & buy or your first time buying we will discuss all scenarios to ensure 1) all your questions are answered, and 2) what real steps we need to take to get you across the finish line.


Buying a home does require a financial commitment but it does not need to be daunting! Often times in our market your monthly payment will be comparable to what rent would be on the same home, many times less! When getting pre-approved we will refer you a proven lender that will run through your finances to ensure the budget we are pursuing makes sense. It’s usually a quick phone call or online application and voila you’re pre-approved.


We have a budget and your wish list –now is the time we go to work to find your dream home! This is the fun part! Comparing traditional homes versus lofty condominiums. More space versus finishes. Location? What are the trade-offs at your particular budget?
We have access to multiple pre-and off-market databases and our connections in the agent community ensure we get a jump on this low inventory environment.
The tried and true way to search is on the MLS, but we do it differently. Compass Collections pulls down the MLS and any pre-market listings directly into your search folder. Its robust tools and ability to search across all brokerages is key in pinpointing listings based on your criteria. We will use these Compass Collections via MLS to make sure we explore all options available. What’s more, there are chat boxes and favorites folders so we can be 100% sure that you are seeing everything available on and off market!
Open houses can be a great way for you to get out and start looking on your own. From there we put together an itinerary of showings and hit the pavement.

Once we’ve identified “the one” we make an offer! We pull market data to ensure pricing makes sense and make an offer as such. But it’s not just price: closing date, earnest money, and down-payment are all key factors to consider when making an offer. Any exclusions that the sellers are taking with them? Do we need to get creative to beat out other offers or bridge a gap?

Then we negotiate. Seller wants X but we offer Y. How do we get to a deal where everyone accomplishes their goal?



Hurray! We’re under contract. Now we get to the nitty gritty of vetting out the home, the homeowner’s association, if applicable, and ensure you are comfortable with moving forward to closing. The typical contingencies are:



We have reputable inspectors we recommend to make sure you understand all the “physical” aspects of the property.



We have excellent attorneys who make sure you are covered from a legal standpoint and receiving free and clear title. The attorney runs the actual closing and instructs you where to sign.



Finally, mortgage contingency. This is all run through the lender. Loan application, credit review, condominium association review (if applicable), and appraisal. Since we already have a pre-approval and have negotiated a deal based on market data, we will be in good shape here.


Homeowner’s Association.

If the property is within an association sellers are required by law to provide us with all the condominium documents aka disclosures. We will have the opportunity to review these documents and approve, ask questions, disapprove, or negotiate credits.

The big day! Everything is set and should be smooth sailing. We conduct the final walkthrough immediately prior to the closing. Head to the closing which is typically held at a title company. They hold the funds until everything is signed and then disbursed. You get keys and it’s all yours! Congrats!

Our services during the purchase process are just beginning! We are here at any time you have questions or need any advice. Property tax appeals, questions on insurance, curious on valuation after you’ve lived there for a while? Need a recommendation on a project or contractor referral? Don’t be a stranger!

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